I SHOULDN'T have had my V-8!

The other day at work, about 10:30 am, I reached for my daily 12 oz. bottle of V-8 Juice. Now, you must understand here, this has been a ritual for me since I was like 8 years old. I always defended V8 against it's #1 competitor: Tomato Juice. Until now.

I threw back the bottle like I had every morning for the past 25 years. Anyway, I chugged half of the bottle of my love nectar, and I felt something hit my lip. I stopped, swallowed, and pulled the bottle away from my mouth and examined the contents. I found something floating in my V8. I panicked. I went over to the sink and grabbed a coffee cup and a strainer and this is what I found:

A Look into Dr. Filip's Past...

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