The Costs of Healthcare for your Cat

Fuming about your vet bill?

Nowadays, people are spending more money on their pets. Most of my clients aren't millionaires. When it comes to the health of our beloved felines, most of us wish (including me) that money wasn't a factor in our decisions. Unfortunately, it is a factor, and for many, it is a HUGE factor. Sometimes the cost of healthcare is THE limiting factor, which makes my job as a veterinarian more difficult because I must work with a budget AND I am expected examine, diagnose and treat patients as efficiently and effectively as possible. I tell many of my clients that if I wasn't a veterinarian, I couldn't afford the animals that I have at my house. I don't expect clients to be able drop $500 or $1000 on their cat, and I don't want clients spending their life-savings on their pet's healthcare. And of course, a client's ability to afford health services in no way reflects how much they love their cat.

If your cat becomes ill, you will spend approximately $300-400 to do a complete workup. That's just what it costs. It is costing veterinarians more money as well, as testing equipment, laboratory interpretation, and technical assistance become more and more expensive. If, in the unfortunate event you would have to take your kitty to the emergency clinic, you're looking to spend $800-1400 for diagnostics, treatment, and overnight hospitalization. And that's just the first 24 hrs.

Fortunately, there are options to make healthcare for your cat more affordable. For starters, I would HIGHLY recommend pet insurance. The premiums that you pay for this coverage are dwarfed by the high costs of healthcare. It just MAKES SENSE. Care Credit is a great option for those with mounting vet bills, but does require a credit check. This company will let you make monthly payments on vet bills if one cannot afford this healthcare up front. Care Credit offers limited interest-free payments depending upon how much healthcare is provided.

Of course, the best way to reduce healthcare costs is to practice PREVENTION. Upper respiratory infections, parasites, lower urinary tract issues, diabetes, dental disease, kidney failure and hyperthyroidism are all common conditions in cats that have the potential not only to make your feline very ill, but can also be a strain on your finances. Please talk to us about how best to prevent disease in your cat.

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