This is what Sway ate this past week:

1. a feather boa
2. my hand
3. eyebrow wax
4. the kitchen floor
5. the southwest corner of my mattress
6. The D.A.P. (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) diffuser still in the wall socket
7. 2 pairs of shoes
8. the mail
9. a bottle of water - the water spilled out onto the couch
10. a pen and a pencil
11. one roll of toilet paper
12. a women's razor
13. Beignet my cat
14. a phone book
15. the cord to the iron
16. a picture of himself
17. a baseball cap
18. a necktie
19. a pair of jeans
20. his halter
21. the other dog's leash
22. a tube of toothpaste
23. three sand bags
24. the back of the remote
25. a coffee filter
26. a set of blinds
27. a pumpkin pinata

Actually, I'll GIVE you $200 to take my dog. God Bless You.

You should get rid of that dog, he must have some helacious poops.
A feather boa? Really? What color?
What's the latest on Sway?
What no kitchen sink?
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