Ho! Ho! Ho!

It's 34 degrees and drizzling. Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa.

I'm on vacation, and I know that the Cat Clinic is missing me. Especially Willie.

My mom warned me about the "bad traffic" in Dubuque before we ventured out to do a little Christmas shopping. Well, after battling traffic in Houston the past few years, I was curious to find out what "bad traffic" was in Dubuque, Iowa. There is no traffic. There were front-row parking spots everywhere we went. We didn't wait in line, we had access to hundreds of shopping carts, and the Best Buy was really cute.

So there's a candy shop named "Betty Jane's Candies" in Dubuque. They make Gremlins, which are similar to Turtles, but only ten times better. You can buy them online at www.bettyjanescandies.com. Careful, they're addicting. In fact, Dubuque has a local chapter of Gremlins Anonymous. 50,000 members. Most are missing teeth and unless they exercise 30 hrs a day, many have Gremlin bellies. There's even a Gremlin black market that is active when Betty Jane's has run out of Gremlins. I've seen them being sold for $600 per pound on e-bay.

My parent's dog Gracie has learned to hump me. Awesome. There's nothing better than a Wheaten Terrier scratching your leg asking for permission to take advantage of you. Sadly, I declined her offer and complained about her behavior to my mom, who could have cared less. She was too busy baking stuff for us to throw up after drinking too much wine.

Anyway, I hope everyone at the Cat Clinic (including my charming clientele) has a Happy Holidays and a great New Year! I'll be back before the New Year to help ailing kitties all over Houston. Come visit!

Love, Dr. C

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