Guess Who?

This is a matching game. Above is a list of employees at the clinic. Below that is a list of statements that represent one of our employees. You must guess who these statements describe. Answers are below. Have fun!

a. Krista
b. Hima
c. Lynn
d. Willie
e. Dr. Filip
f. Erin
g. Britni
h. Dr. Cornelius
i. Carma
j. Dr. Runte

1. Was a very mischeivous vet student
2. Loves reading anime books
3. O.S.H.A. Representative
4. Was voted "funniest vet student"
5. Attended an HSPCA singles event
6. Had blue hair in vet school
7. Always talks about The Sopranos
8. Is a Registered Veterinary Technician in the State of Texas
9. Wants to become a Registered Nurse (for humans)
10. Wrecked and totaled one of the other employee's cars

Answers: 1.j. 2.b. 3.i. 4.h. 5.c. 6.e. 7.d. 8.g. 9.f. 10.a.

I heart the cat clinic. :)

Would be better with photos.
I would have guessed it was you with the blue hair.
I too thought you would have had blue hair...Who'd have thunk it that MF was the culprit?! VP
Hey Dr. C - Found this review on the internet when searching The Cat Vet...I have to agree with the author: you are a great vet and the compassion you showed when my baby girl crossed over really did make a difference. You DID understand ! Thanks for all you do!

First Review
Cat Veterinary Clinic
Houston, TX Animal Hospitals | 2/7/2007 at 9:16am: 'Dr. Christie Cornelius at The Cat Vet Clinic = AWESOME!'

Dr. Cornelius is the best cat vet around. She's sooo cute! and sincere. Her skills and knowledge base are top notch. She's very compassionate, informative, supportive, and funny! She's young, but she's sharp. A whole different experience for me in a veterinary setting.

Highly recommended.
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