Sex Reassignment Surgery

No, not me.

Today, I performed a sex-change on a cat named Ray Charles. Ray Charles came to me on Monday morning after a rough night at the EC. Ray was blocked and unable to urinate. He had been blocked for quite a long time, perhaps over 24 hrs. When I laid my eyes on him, I couldn't believe what I saw. He looked like a black and white prune with his head tucked into his chest because he was in so much pain. His potassium blood level was so elevated that he was at risk of developing a serious heart condition, his kidney levels were sky-high, and the pH of his blood was too acidic.

I hospitalized Ray Charles, put him on IV fluids, pain meds and antibiotics for three days. All of his blood levels were back to normal, and he tested negative for feline leukemia and feline AIDS. He was peeing normally, eating well and actually became a bit frisky, which can be very telling about a cat's overall health.

So today was the day I was to amputate Ray Charles' manhood. He was to become a she, and live the rest of his life at a significantly lower risk of urethral obstruction.

Hima (one of the nurses) took some pictures of the surgery, so I thought I'd share them with you!

Fig. 1. This is showing the elliptical skin insicion around the prepuce and scrotum. A urinary catheter was placed prior to surgery. The anus is sutured shut and is visible above the incision under the base of the tail. The penis can be seen between the two metal towel clamps at the bottom of the picture. Kiss it goodbye!

Fig. 2. This is the open surgery site. I had to remove alot of fatty tissue in order to find the underlying muscles that attached to the bony pelvis that needed to be cut off the bone in order to expose more of the penis during the surgery. The white powder is a product called Hemablock. It helps to clot blood and stop bleeding. There are many tiny blood vessles in fatty tissue, so it tends to bleed just a bit. No problem!

Fig. 3. The same view after the Hemablock stopped the small leaky vessel.

Fig. 4. SNIP-SNIP! :)

Fig. 5. The closed incision. Right under the anus is the new hole where Ray Charles will pee from. The penis is removed because this is where most cats are blocked.

As of tonight, Ray Charles looks great. He's awake and pain-free, peeing a normal amount of urine at normal intervals. He's eating and drinking and feeling WHOLE LOT BETTER!

This is so cool! Thanks for the Ed Op. How this is done is never a question I felt comfortable asking! Any plans on showing other surgeries? VP
You are a fucking bastard, How you could do that to a cat!! I hope somebody take you and your fucking family and perform the same thing with you. Have a nice day!
I just had this surgery performed on my cat on Wednesday, also because he was blocked and was reblocking fairly quickly when I decided to do it. I can't wait until he's healed though.
You're really going to wish death on the surgeon?

Do you understand how much agony that cat was in?

I, for one, had this done on my cat -- vet said it probably saved his life.
thecatvet.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.
I really hope the foul-mouthed individual reads this... Heres hoping you contract a flesh eating bacterial infection localized in your reproductive organs. Then you tell us... want us to amputate to save your miserable life?
OMG... this is sooo weird.
Dear Miss/Sir

You are out of your fucking mind.

it was only a cat...
So it is a penis, or its absence, which determines whether a mammal is a "boy" or "girl"? Fascinating. And by cutting it off, you can turn a male into a female, even if the male was not transgendered. Who knew?

I REALLY wish fellow veterinarians, who should know better, would quite presenting PU surgery as some sort of "sex reassignment" surgery. It is ignorant and factually incorrect.
Do any of you on here that have sarcastic little hateful comments to make about this surgery have a cat that has gone through a blockage??? I'm being confronted with this decision right now. Do I have this surgery performed on my cat? My concern is not whether he loses part of his penis. It's whether he lives or dies. He has a blockage and it's not crystals. If he has the surgery, he may live. If not, he dies. Simple as that. I don't think I'm cruel or the vet is cruel for considering this surgery on a 3 year old cat that is otherwise totally healthy.
It is not a "sex change" operation. Perineal urethrostomy is life saving surgery. And to the asshole that said "it was only a cat", hope you rot in hell.
Shut the hell up. This is a life saving operation. If you a simply trolling gtfo. If you really care about cats then please understand if your cat has peeing issues this is the only option after you tried everything. My male cat is going to have to get this done very soon.
We are having to get my cat done as well. The steroids and antibiotics are just not working anymore. I Agree it's not just a cat!
Wow, this is interesting... not sure how I got here though. lol What are the risks of such a procedure?

I'm curious, aren't most these cats already fixed? Therefore, the penis has no real purpose or value. End of issue about chopping it off and whether it is evil or not. Like it cares if it pees out of a hole or a useless penis (that might kill it) in a hole.

Oh and you did not turn the penis into a vagina, so it isn't reassignment. All ya did was chop it off, making it a piss hole.

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Talk soon.

Some of these comments show such ignorance in our society. I am going to have this procedure done to save my cat's life - whom I love dearly. You cannot even imagine the pain these cats go through has until you have experienced watching your own cat groan in pain. It breaks my heart. Of course I would prefer to leave well enough alone - but after 4 blockages and $2000 later it is time. I will spend another good amount of money - like $1500 to save his life because he is worth it. Cats don't judge other cats like people judge other people. I mean most people have no problem cutting the balls off their male animals - HELLO! This is serious business and I hope others with understand the importance of making the right decision for their beloved pet. I am just hoping if this will cure my sweet baby's the problem for lifetime. Cheers!
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